My travel plans 2018!


Hello Everyone!

I am going to be traveling quite a lot this year, mostly because I’m in a long distance relationship (for those of you who didn’t know) and that’s the only way we can see each other until we get to move in together! I am very grateful that I am given the opportunity to see the world and everything it has to offer. I know that a lot of young people do not get the chance to do so which is why I appreciate it even more. For those of you who can’t travel a lot, or for those of you who want some travel tips/advice/inspirations, I created a list of all my travel plans in 2018 and I also started a travel diary (here is my first post) so you can come along with me and experience a little bit of traveling yourself!

My travel plans 2018

  • Back to Pittsburgh to see my boyfriend in March – Done!
  • Roadtrip to Ohiopyle with my boyfriend in March – Done!

→ If you’d like to read about my trip to Ohiopyle, click here.

  • Iceland in May to see my boyfriend

→ This is one of the most exciting trips I’m gonna go on this year! My boyfriend and I are meeting up in Iceland as it is (kinda) right in the middle of Germany and the US. We are going to spend 4 days in Reykjavik, see the city and all its sights and hopefully go to the famous Blue Lagoon! I can’t wait!!!

  • Mitchell is coming to Germany in July

→ Well, this isn’t necessarily my trip but it’s still exciting because I get to see my Mitchell! Also, we are probably going to travel to either Brussels, Belgium or to the Efteling amusement park in the Netherlands (or maybe both hehe)!

  • Summer vacation with my mom and my sister!

→ We are not 100% sure where we want to go this summer, but we are thinking about Madeira (a Portuguese island) or Greece! I’ll keep you updated!

  • You guessed it, back to Pittsburgh in September, YAY!

→ Well, you know why I’m excited about that 😉 Hopefully we get to go on another roadtrip too!

  • Mitchell might come to Germany over Christmas

→ Last but not least, Mitchell is thinking about spending Christmas with me and my family this year! How amazing would that be? Disclaimer: This really was just an idea, we haven’t really talked about it yet, but it was too good not to mention. We also thought about spending New Years Eve in Paris or London, because Mitchell really wants to see other parts of Europe!

I think that’s gonna be it for this year! I literally just came back home and I can already feel that Fernweh/Wanderlust feeling coming back up again. I love traveling, it’s the best thing in the world for me, especially exploring all these places with someone I love very much is just amazing. Some of you are probably thinking ”How on earth is she able to afford all that and why does she have so much time?” – Believe me, it takes a lot of work and planning to be able to do what I’m doing. I am not rich at all and I am still in college, but I gotta say I’ve become pretty smart about the whole planning process and also kind of experienced already when it comes to flights, accomodations, food, etc. I’m gonna write another post on how I plan my trips and how I find the money and the time to do all that, so stay tuned!

I hope you liked this post and who knows: Maybe now you also have a little bit of Fernweh 😉

Love, Esther

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