Travel Diary #1: Ohiopyle


Hello my lovely readers!

Being in a long distance relationship isn’t always bad – in fact, it has its advantages. For example, you get to travel a lot! Luckily, my boyfriend and I are able to afford to see each other every two months and until we get to move in together we are going to ”have” to travel quite a bit. But hey, I’m not complaining. That is why I decided to start a travel diary so you guys can also see the beauty of the places that I go to, and also because it’s a nice way for me to look back on the trips I went on. I flew to the US from March 4th until March 14th (I was gonna go on March 2nd, but unfortunately my flight got canceled, if you’d like to hear that horrendous story, click here) and my boyfriend took me on a little roadtrip to Ohiopyle, PA!

Quick facts

  • Ohiopyle is located in South Western Pennsylvania, about an hour and a half from Pittsburgh and it’s very close to the West Virginia and the Maryland border.
  • The most famous things you can see there are the Ohiopyle Falls on the Youghiogheny River (I have no idea how to pronounce that), the natural waterslides and the Cucumber Falls.
  • Especially in the summer time you can do lots of outdoor activities like kayaking, rafting and hiking.

We stayed at a guest house and the Ohiopyle Falls were within walking distance. We arrived at about 7 pm and the whole entire town was EMPTY (since it was still cold and snowy and most people come during the summer time). It almost seemed haunted. My boyfriend thought that I thought it was a bad thing but I actually thought it was super exciting. We tried to find a place to eat but literally everything was closed, there was no light in any of the houses (told ya, it’s haunted). We then found a pub/restaurant and literally THE WHOLE ENTIRE TOWN was there, it was ridiculous! I got some chicken quesedillas, yummmm!


In the morning we went up to the Ohiopyle Falls and it was absolutely amazing. It was so peaceful, we were basically the only ones there and there was even a little rainbow right above the water. I wanted to just stand there and listen to the water forever.

A close-up picture that Mitchell took. Isn’t that just magical?

We then drove up to the natural waterslides. It basically looks like a creek but in the summer time you can actually slide down that creek just like a normal waterslide! Even though the water must be pretty cold I’d like to go back there in the summer and try that out!

A picture of the natural waterslides – taken by Mitchell

Last but not least, we drove up to the Cucumber Falls. I don’t think I have to say anything, the pictures will tell you more about that experience than a thousand words.

Look at all the icicles!
Absolutely beautiful.

It’s amazing to see what our planet Earth has to offer and I think we should cherish and preserve that. Of course, everybody knows about Niagara Falls but a lot of people underestimate the beauty of the nature that’s around us. Sure, these waterfalls aren’t nearly as big as Niagara, but they’re so peaceful and magical. If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, make sure you go on a trip to Ohiopyle! You’re going to love it!

Let me know if you enjoy travel posts like this one and if there’s anything I can improve!

Thanks so much for reading!

Love, Esther


5 thoughts on “Travel Diary #1: Ohiopyle

    1. Well, its not always easy, not gonna lie. BUT it is possible, especially with all the technology that we have! You have to make sure that you talk on the phone on a regular basis, maybe even schedule that if you have to deal with a time difference. If its just a temporary thing then always focus on the day its gonna be over. If its a permanent thing try to figure out (with your s/o) when youre gonna visit each other. I also wrote a blog post about that and thats more detailed so check that out! In the end, it all comes down to whether youre willing to stick with each other and to fully commit to each other. If you want it to work and you work hard you will be able to do it. Best of luck 😘

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