Easy eyebrow tutorial – ABH dipbrow pomade


Let’s be honest: If you don’t know how important eyebrows are in the beauty world,Β  you’ve probably been living under a rock the past few years. Brows are everything: They can make a look 10 times better or 10 times worse. Of course everybody has a different taste and a different opinion and if you don’t like the brows that I like that’s totally fine. This is just my personal preference and opinion. Some people asked me to do a tutorial on how I do my brows and it’s super easy! So it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a makeup artist, you can rock these brows!

Let’s get started!


Step 1 – Finding the right brow product

Guys, let me tell you: That took me a while! There are so many products you could use: Brow pencils, powders, pomades, etc. Check out my eyebrow evolution post if you want to know the whole story behind my brows, but I basically started out with a brow pencil. Some people might love them, it just wasn’t the right thing for me. I wasn’t able to achieve a nice gradient effect and they never looked sharp and clean. I might have to blame that on the quality of the product though. Last year I was finally willing to spend some more money on beauty products. I watched a ton of reviews and guess what I ended up with? Yes, of course: The Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow, and I’m so glad I did. I’m using the shade ”Taupe” which is a brown, ashy kind of shade and I think it’s perfect for people who are really pale. The pomade is really easy to blend out, you can build up the color so the tail of your brow is a lot darker, and the product will last forever. I got mine almost a year ago and I haven’t even used half of it. The only thing that bothers me a little bit is that you have to make sure your room isn’t too cold. My bathroom at my host family’s house in Pittsburgh (where I first got this product) was freezing cold which caused my pomade to become very dry and hard to use. I had to sit on it for a while (I’m not kidding!) to make it warm and soft again every single day, so that was a pain in the butt. I now found a way to fix the pomade, I’m probably gonna make a separate post about that though. In the end it’s all about your preference though. If a pencil or a powder is the right thing for you, go for it!


Step 2 – Finding the right brush

I can’t stress this enough: It is SO important to have a good, small, flat and thin eyebrow brush. Otherwise you will not be happy with the result! I’m using the Zoeva 317 brush which is actually an eyeliner brush but it’s perfect for brows!


Step 3

Disclaimer: Ignore the white baby powder on my eyes, I was getting ready when I took the pictures for this tutorial. Now on to the fun part: I always start off by drawing a sharp line under my brows all the way to the tail of my brow. Make sure you start in the middle of your brow and not in the front because you don’t want sharpie/box brows! I find it easier to draw that line on my actual skin instead of my brow hair which will not only make my brow look fuller but sharper as well. Then I just use whatever is left on my brush to draw a line above my brows, again starting in the middle, not in the front.


Step 4

Since we drew the outline of our brows it’s super easy to fill them in now. Whenever you’re done filling in the tail of your brow just start filling out the front part too. ALWAYS use whatever is left on your brush in the front part, DO NOT go back into the product. Believe me.


Step 5

Here’s what my brows look like after I filled in the front part with a very light hand and tiny strokes. As you can see this helped me achieve a nice gradient effect.


Step 6

Use any spooly that you have and brush through your brows. This will really work the product into your brow hair and it will also make the gradient effect look even nicer. The picture above shows you what my brows look like with and without any product.

I know a lot of people use concealer to make their brows look even sharper. However, I only do that whenever I go to a fancy event or I’m trying out a new, dramatic makeup look. On a daily basis I’m definitely too lazy for that, that’s why I didn’t include this step in this tutorial. I also don’t need any brow gel because my brows usually just stay in place without it. But if you feel like you need to do that, do it!

I hope I was able to help you guys! I’m not gonna lie, learning how to do your eyebrows is a process but in the end it will be super easy!

Let me know if you have any requests or questions in the comments!

Love, Esther

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