No makeup makeup look! – Quick and easy


Hey Everyone!

Makeup is a passion of mine, I like trying out new looks, new products and I don’t mind spending a lot of time in order to create a nice look. However, there are days, mostly school/college days, where I just don’t have any time to go all in (well, unless I want to get up at 5 am) so today I’m gonna show you my ”no makeup makeup look”. This is perfect for anyone who is in a hurry but still wants to look decent, or someone who is all about the natural kind of look! This will take you about 15 minutes or even less than that if you skip some of these steps.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: After I moisturized and primed my skin I’m using the Sephora Collection foundation in the shade ”porcelaine” because I’m pale af. This foundation is a water based one so if you’re dealing with oily, acne-prone skin like I do, this is the perfect product for you! It’s also great for this look because it gives you a very light and natural coverage. If your skin is already really smooth and even and you’re not dealing with any redness or acne you really don’t have to use any foundation at all! Trust me, I wouldn’t if I had babyskin like some people do. You will also save some time by skipping this step if you don’t feel like you need it!


Step 2: Next, I’m using the Sephora Collection concealer in the shade ”buttercup” and I apply it on to little pimples that I have, under my eyes and on my lids in order to hide the little veins. Personally I think this is also a great eyeshadow base!


Step 3: After I put some powder all over my face to set the foundation and the concealer, I used the Johnson’s baby powder to bake my eyes and undereyes. This has helped me so much as I have really oily lids so in the end of the day my eyeshadow used to be all over the place but not anymore! You should definitely try this as well.


Step 4: I’m using my all-time favorite brow product, the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in the shade ”Taupe”, to do my eyebrows. In this picture you can see what my eyebrows look like with and without the product. I’m also gonna make a tutorial on how I do my brows, so check that out as well!



Step 5: I’m applying a random brown eyeshadow very close to my upper lash line to make my lashes look fuller. The reason why I’m using a brown instead of a black shade is because it will look softer, more natural and not as harsh. I also like to create a mini wing by just smudging it out a bit to make my outer lashes look longer and also because I personally like the cat eye look. Just make sure you don’t apply any more eyeshadow to do the wing, just use whatever is left on your brush. In the picture above you can see what my eyes look like with and without that technique.



Step 6: I’m gonna curl my lashes which is a very important step because my natural lashes are pretty much straight. After that I’m gonna apply some coal liner on to my upper waterline which will also make your lashes look fuller and then I’m gonna apply some mascara.


Step 7: Since the foundation basically sucked all the life out of my skin and made me look like a pale ghost I’m gonna apply a little bit of bronzer (I used the shade in the middle as a bronzer) and I’m gonna contour a little bit (I used the shade on the left) by using a thin brush and basically drawing a line where my non-existent cheek bone is supposed to be.



Step 8: Using a big fluffy blending brush I’m gonna blend out that contour like that I created in Step 7. I’m also gonna apply a little bit of blush, lipgloss and, of course, some highlighter!

And then you’re already done with your glowy, natural no makeup makeup look! Let me know what you think in the comments! If you have any requests either leave a comment or dm me!

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!

Love, Esther

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