My Eyebrow Evolution!

”Eyebrows on fleek” – if that isn’t the one sentence that describes our generation perfectly, I don’t know what is! Within just a few years, eyebrows have become more important than ever before. In fact, they have become so important some people will spend a ton of money on eyebrow products, waxing, microblading and whatever else, and even sacrifice their sleep just to be able to make them brows look bomb. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t riding on that eyebrow-on-fleek-wave as well. Especially over the last two years I’ve noticed that my eyebrows have changed more than anything else (well, when it comes to my appearance). So I thought it would be a fun idea to show you guys what stages I went through to get the eyebrows I have now. I am not saying that my eyebrows are perfect now, I’m also not trying to make fun of you if your brows look similar to one of my ”older” brows. In the end it all comes down to what kind of brows YOU like the most! PS: Don’t take all of this too seriously πŸ˜›


The ”Eyebrows? What are eyebrows?”-stage


Oh boy.. where do I even start.. I was about 13 years old in that picture, never plucked my eyebrows before, never used a brow product. I didn’t even wear mascara to school, I was all about that natural look. As you can see, puberty hit me hard during that time, I started getting acne, mainly on my forehead, and I wasn’t a very confident young girl in general. For some reason I thought that if I go to school with a little bit of makeup on, people would judge me. Yeah I know, makes no sense. Anyways, enjoy my non existent eyebrows!

The ”I plucked my brows and bought a browpencil for 2 Euros”-stage

I was about 15 when I started wearing makeup (aka mascara) on a regular basis, and I was about 16 when I discovered my first eyebrow pencil. And that’s when my quest for the perfect brows began! The pencil was a very cheap one and as you can see, it wasn’t very precise. I also plucked my eyebrows a lot back then which is why they were so thin. Well, I thought they were hot though, lemme tell you…


The dramatic arch stage

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

I was 18 years old in that picture and as you can see: I started playing around with the shape of my brows. I was really into that high dramatic arch that would kinda make me look like an evil queen from some Disney movie, but hey at least I was experimenting!


The Nike sign stage


What on earth was I doing. I was almost 19 years old in that picture, still using my cheap eyebrow pencil that I got when I was 16. You would think that I got better and better at this whole eyebrow thing but nope, this was honestly a new low. I have no idea why I didn’t realize that these really looked like the Nike sign, and I also don’t know why I plucked them like this. I guess we’ll never know.


The ”I finally have some money so I bought the ABH dipbrow pomade”-stage


Ohhh I rememer watching Nikki Tutorial’s video ”The power of Makeup” and I wanted to do the same thing. I also FINALLY got a new brow product: The infamous Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade! Man, I was happy about that. I think I didn’t realize what my brows actually looked like before UNTIL THEN. I remember feeling like getting a pair of glasses because my brows were really sharp and precise all of a sudden (great metaphor, right?). Aaaaand I went back to the dramatic arch!


The ”I’m done with dramatic arches”- stage I.


Aaaaaand I was done with the dramatic arch. Even though my brows were still very thin they did start to look more natural because I slowly figured out how to achieve this gradient effect in the beginning of my brow. But lemme tell you, that took a while!


The ”the dramatic arch is back!!!”-stage

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I took this right after I came back to Germany and guess what? The dramatic arch came back as well! To be honest I think my brows looked worse than they did in the previous picture. They are extremely thin again as well, especially the tail of my brow. Oh, and I messed up the gradient effect. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on this planet who can go from a ”okay”-brow to a ”meh”-brow despite having more brushes, tools and experience. I’m one of a kind.


The ”I’m done with dramatic arches”-stage II.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Last Christmas I gave you my heart…eh…Makeup brushes! I’m funny, I know. For real though, I got lots of new Makeup brushes, one of them being the Zoeva eyeliner brush which I now use as my eyebrow brush and I’ve never been happier! I also got rid of that dramatic arch (again), my brows weren’t super thin anymore and I put some more effort into that gradient effect.


The feathery stage


Over the holidays my brows became a lot more natural. Especially the front started to look very feathery (is that even a word?) and the tail started to become a little thicker, which I personally like better. I also started to use Highlighter more often to enhance my brows as well!


The thicker (and current) stage


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Tadaa! This is what my brows look like at the moment. The beginning of my brow is still a little feathery, just not as feathery as before, I do think they have a nice gradient effect, the shape looks natural and the tail isn’t too thin anymore. My sister keeps telling me ”your eyebrows look so thick” but I like them that way! I personally like thicker, fuller eyebrows better than thin ones (well, unless they’re sharpie brows! That ain’t cool!).


What do you guys think about the whole eyebrow trend? Did you go through an eyebrow evolution as well? Let me know in the comments! And always remember: no matter what your brows look like, they are fine as long as YOU like them. Don’t let anyone else ever tell you otherwise.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

Love, Esther

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6 thoughts on “My Eyebrow Evolution!

  1. Oh my gosh haha, I had fun following along on your eyebrow journey!! πŸ˜€ Our eyebrows go through such awkward stages, but girlll you honestly look great with many of these eyebrow shapes!! (Well except the Nike symbols, haha, but you know that πŸ˜› ) Thanks for sharing! I love how you gave each one a title XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the feather and gradient stages! I only wear make up on special occasions but I wouldn’t have a clue where to even start with my eyebrows. I do love that gradient effect but I just have no clue how to get it πŸ˜…πŸ€£

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The key is to only use whats left on your brush and to NOT go back into the product. Then use tiny strokes to create fake hairs and try to kind of blend it all in. In the end, brush through your brows with a spooly and that should really help you achieve that gradient effect! I hope I was able to help 😊


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