My Birthday presents 2018 + reviews!

Hey Everyone!

As some of you already know, I turned 20 last weekend! I got some awesome presents from my friends and family and I’d like to share them with you and also review these products for you! If you’ve been thinking about buying any of these products or if you’re looking for gift ideas for your friend, sisterm girlfriend, whoever it may be, keep reading!



Ring light mirror

My mom got me this awesome mirror and I gotta say I’ve wanted one of those for quite some time! This mirror is very bright and it provides the perfect lighting if you want to do your makeup when it’s still dark outside and you can use the daylight. The other reason why I wanted to have a ring light mirror is because I was hoping to take good makeup pictures with it instead of buying an expensive ”real” ring light. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out too well. So if you’re thinking about buying a ring light mirror only to take good makeup pics: Don’t do it and save the money for a real ring light. I’m thinking about buying a small phone ring light and working with that for a while so once I have that I will post a review on that as well to keep you guys updated on how that works out!



Neck pillow

Since I’m gonna be traveling quite a lot this year I really needed one of those in order to sleep on the plane! I am flying to the US on Friday to see my boyfriend so that was the perfect birthday present for me!



White Puma socks

Personally, I really like how these look with certain outfits and I’ve wanted to try them for a while now! On top of that, they’re super warm and cozy, I actually wear them in bed whenever my feet are too cold and I can’t sleep. My feet warm up within 5 minutes just by wearing those! Great present!



NYX Lingerie liquid eyeshadow in the shade ”sweet cloud”

This is a lovely copper/shimmery shade, it’s very pigmented and it just adds a special shimmery touch to any eyeshadow look. Unlike other liquid eyeshadows you can even blend this product!



Mac Prep+Prime setting spray

A lot of you guys probably know this product and I gotta say I was SO excited because I did not expect to get this at all! I’ve been using the Nyx setting spray and to be honest with you, I’ve never really seen a difference. That’s why I’m really excited to try this product and see if it actually works as well as so many people say it does!



Zoeva 105 and 310 brushes

I got two Zoeva brushes, a highlighter brush (105) and an eyeliner brush (310). I gotta admit, I’ve been using random brushes that I found in the darkest corners of my room for my highlight so far (shame on me), I’ve never actually owned a REAL highlighter brush. Well, until now! I’ve also wanted to try gel eyeliners so that tiny tiny brush is perfect for that!



Beauty Blenders

I’m a big fan of small beauty blenders since foundation brushes just don’t work for me and I don’t see why I should spend lots of money on the original beauty blender when those work just as well! And also: You can never have enough beauty blenders and I was running out anyways!



The Queen of the presents: The Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette

Okay. Can we just take a moment and appreciate all of these amazing shades. I have a lot of matte eyeshadow palettes and I only really used two different glitter/shimmer shades. When I saw this palette I was IN LOVE right away. It has every single color that you need, crazy colors like blue and purple as well as neutral colors. I am going to write a detailed review on this palette so make sure you’ll check that out!


I hope you guys liked this post, if you did, leave a comment or if you have any questions about these products let me know!

Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful day!

Love, Esther


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