warm x cool tones eyeshadow look!


Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to try something different: I wanted to find out what warm and cool tones would look like together. I gotta say I was surprised that this actually looks pretty decent! I used the Jaclyn Hill and the Modern Renaissance palette, but if you don’t own those that’s totally fine, you can recreate this look with any other palette as well!

Let’s get started!



Step 1: After I primed my eyes (and did my brows) I used the shade ”raw sienna” as my transition shade. Make sure you blend this out really well because we’re gonna be doing  A LOT of blending today in order to make this look good! Also: excuse that pimple on my forehead.


Step 2: Using a precise brush I went into this orange shade called ”realgar” to darken up my crease and to give my eye some more dimension.


Step 3: Using the Jaclyn Hill palette now, I used this greenish/turquoise shade and I put it all over my lid. Now here’s where the fun begins: It is very important to blend this out really, really well otherwise this will not look professional and it will give your eye a dirty/filthy look instead of that nice gradient effect, and that’s not what we want, right? 😛 I was blending that stuff for about 10 minutes, not even kidding.



Step 4: I used my all-time favorite glitter called ”diamond dust” by Stila Cosmetics to give this look a glamorous touch. I put a lot of glitter on the inner corner of my eye and tried to let it fade out so that it kinda looks like small diamonds on my actual lid (I don’t know how else to describe it). It doesn’t have to look like a cut crease, just make sure it doesn’t go all the way up to your transition color.



Step 5: Using a random black eyeshadow I created this smudgy winged eyeliner. Of course, you could also use a real eyeliner for this, but I preferred the smudgy look.



Step 6: Since I did have some fallout I used a makeup wipe to clean everything up. This technique will also make your winged eyeliner look sharper. After that I just went back into the shades ”raw sienna” and ”realgar” and applied them on to my lower lash line.



Step 7: Last but not least, I popped on some false lashes and, of course, some highlighter on my brow bone and my inner corner!



And there you go! I hope you liked the combination of warm and cool tones. I certainly do! Let me know what you think about this look in the comments, or if you have any requests!

Thanks so much for reading.

Love, Esther



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