5 great study methods that will help you pass your exams!


Hey everyone!

I took my first (ever) college exam a few days ago (statistics, yuck) after I spent 10 days studying literally every single day. Of course I have studied before but I have to say that it has never been this intense. Luckily, I was able to figure out a few study methods that worked really well for me and I’d like to share some of them with you guys!

Here we go!


Make a list of all the things you have to study and then set up a schedule.

When you’re in college or in High School there are often a lot of exams you have to take and a lot of things you have to study for. Especially in college that can be a little overwhelming at first and you might not know where to even start. That’s why it’s always a good idea to make a list of all the things you have to know for that exam, just so you actually have an idea of how time consuming it will be. I always like to write down the ”main topics” and then add the ”minor topics” to each main topic. After that it is very helpful to set up a schedule. I always create my own calendar and I assign each main topic to a certain day. It will help you keep track of the huge pile of work that has to be done and you will also know for sure that you will be able to get it all done in time as long as you stick to your schedule!

This is what your schedule could look like. Make sure you give yourself more time for the ”bigger” topics and you give yourself some free time and some breaks as well. By writing adding these things to your schedule you’ll have something to look forward to!

Take a lot of breaks and distract yourself.

Some people say that they just studied for 10 hours straight a few days before the exam. Personally I do not think that that is a good and effective way of studying. It’s very important for your brain to take a break every once in a while and to get distracted. I realized that if I study for 3 hours or more it’s starting to get harder and harder for me to actually remember the things I just learned. In order for your brain to process everything, it needs to rest. So what I like to do is study for 2 hours, then take a break and work out for example or shower or go outside for a while just to give my brain a break. Whenever I go back to my desk it is a lot easier for me to concentrate again and to actually remember what I’m trying to learn!

Turn off your phone.

I hate to say this, but your phone is your worst enemy. If your notifications are turned on you will look at them whenever they pop up and your mind will slowly drift away from what you actually have to do instead of focussing on one thing. We are all guilty here and since it’s so easy to let your phone distract you, don’t even give it the chance to and turn it off and put it away. I know it hurts to be separated from what you love most (*cough cough*) but you will be able to study more effectively and a lot quicker too. Sorry phone, it’s nothing personal.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Unless you’re freaking Einstein or your IQ just so happens to be 150 or more, you’re not going to understand every single thing that you have to do in school. Sometimes there are even things that have to be explained to you a billion times before you get it and yes I know, that can be embarrassing sometimes but believe me: It is okay to ask for help. You have a friend who’s really good at math? Great! Go ahead and ask for help and you will help them out another time. You do not have to do everything on your own, you’re not expected to alway understand everything 110%.

Have realistic goals.

You’re really good at English but you suck at Chemistry? Don’t go ahead and expect the best grade you can possibly get in both of these subjects. What might be realistic for you to achieve in English might not be realistic in Chemistry. Of course, you should always try to be the best you can be but you should also be realistic. If you expect too much from yourself you will be extremely stressed out, you will feel very pressured and you will probably be frustrated and disappointed in the end.


I hope I was able to help some of you out and to make studying a little easier for you. What’s your favorite study method? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Esther

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