My 5 favorite Winter outfits!


Hey everyone!

This is my first fashion post ever! I’m so excited to finally do this because if I’m honest with you I really love fashion but I’ve always felt like my clothes aren’t good enough or ”cool” enough to be shown on my blog. But since it’s something I really enjoy doing I’m gonna post it anyway!

My style has changed A LOT over the past years, it actually changes every few months. I would hate to put my style into one category because it’s so much more than that! I like fancy clothes, I like the athletic kind of style, I like vintage/denim stuff – It would be impossible for me to decide on just one type of style! If anyone feels the same way: be proud of that! Don’t let anyone tell you, you can only like certain kinds of clothes, makeup or music, or you can only represent and identify with one thing. Diversity and variety is awesome, you do you!

Today I’m gonna show you guys my favorite winter outfits in 2018! There’s a little bit of everything: Some warm sweaters and boots and lighter clothes as well. In Germany it can be super cold and also super warm within just one week in winter which is why you have to be prepared! Also, depending on where you guys live winter might be very different so I wanted to make sure to show you what you could wear on a colder day as well as on a warmer day.

Shoutout to my lovely sister Theresa – she took all of these pictures and she did a really great job! Check out her Instagram.


To be honest, this is one of my favorite outfits. It’s perfect for a chilly day because the turtle neck sweater and the (fake) fur denim jacket will keep you warm. If your feet are too cold in those converse you can combine this outfit with some nice boots as well!

  • Denim Jacket: Bershka (40/ $50) – you can literally get those anywhere
  • Turtle neck sweater: Hollister (20€/$25) – This was on sale so I don’t know the original price unfortunately
  • Black pants: Hollister (20/$25)
  • White Converse: (60/$35) – since I’m very short I can wear kids sizes (yay!!) which is why they were so cheap!


2. Outfit

This outfit is more on the fancier side so you could definitely wear this on a date or a night out! The headband keeps your ears warm and cozy, so does the coat and the boots! I don’t know if you can see it in the picture but the boots are actually purple velvet! I think they look really good with that pink sweater which also kinda looks like velvet.

  • Headband: Zara (10/$12)
  • Coat: Zara (45/$55)
  • Sweater: Only (25/$30)
  • Black pants: Hollister (20/$25)
  • Socks: my mom’s socks (I stole them 😛 )
  • Boots: Journey’s ($30) – I got these in America so I’m not sure if they’re available in Europe


3. Outfit

This is one of my athletic/comfortable outfits. It’s just a simple teal turtle neck shirt and black joggers and they have three stripes (teal, white, teal) on each side. I think this outfit looks great on its own but if you want to go outside it would probably be smart to bring a jacket as well!

  • Denim Jacket: Bershka (40/ $50)
  • Teal shirt: Bershka (13€/$15) – again, you can get these anywhere
  • Joggers: Bershka (15/$18)
  • Adidas Superstars: (70-120/$70) – These are kids size again, so they were cheaper than the adult ones


4. Outfit

I recently bought this yellow sweater and I honestly didn’t expect it to look that great! I never really wear yellow (like ever) because most of the time it looks weird on me, but this time it didn’t! I call these pants ”blogger pants” and even though they do look fancy but I promise you: they’re just as comfy as the joggers! So this is also a very comfortable outfit, if you don’t count the shoes 😛

  • Yellow sweater: Bershka (17/$20)
  • ”Blogger pants”: Bershka (18/$22)
  • Black shoes/heels: Deichmann (30/$36) – I bought these at a German shoe store but they’re very common so you can get these pretty much anywhere


5. Outfit

First of all: I have no idea why the picture on the left is blurry but I liked it so I’ll use it anyway. This is another athletic kind of outfit but because of the pink fake fur jacket it’s also a little fancy. This will DEFINITELY keep you warm, believe me. This jacket has saved me from the cold and the snow so many times!

  • Turtle neck shirt with holes: H&M (15/$18)
  • Pink fake fur jacket: Bershka (40/$50)
  • Black leggings: American Eagle ($15) – don’t worry, you’ll find a black pair of leggings in Europe as well 😛
  • Adidas Superstars: (70-120/$70)


I hope you guys liked my first fashion related post! Disclaimer: This was not sponsored by Bershka, I just went to that store a lot lately as you can see 😛 If you don’t have some of these stores where you live, don’t worry: Most of the items are really easy to find at other stores too and they’re affordable as well!

Which one was your favorite outfit? Let me know in the comments!

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Thanks so much for reading!

Love, Esther




9 thoughts on “My 5 favorite Winter outfits!

  1. This was probably my favorite post through your blog so far. I know nothing about fashion, I had no idea you’re so into this stuff so MORE PLEASE. I loved this! ❤

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