Cateye eyeshadow look – Morphe 35O2


If you’re from the Cologne area in Germany you’ll know what February is all about: Karneval! Other countries who celebrate it too call it Carnival or Mardi Gras, you have probably heard of that. Everybody’s dressing up (kinda like on Halloween), going to parades, getting lots of candy (and drinking beer) and just celebrating for a week straight! Sounds like fun, huh? Unfortunately, I have a really important exam coming up which is why I can’t celebrate this year, so I wanted to create a makeup tutorial in honor of Karneval!


I created a cateye eyeshadow look for you guys, if you want to go as a cat! Of course, you can do this on Halloween or any other day as well if you feel like going all in with your makeup! I always liked cat costumes because they’re easy, but still sassy and glamorous. And also: who doesn’t like cateyes in general?

I used the Morphe 35O2 palette but this is just an example, you can really use any other orange/brown shade as well!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: First, I used this nice orange shade called ”tan” which is the perfect transition color and applied it on to my crease. You can also go a little higher than your actual crease if you have hooded eyes like me to make your eyes look bigger. Make sure you drag the color towards the outer corner and almost to the tail of your brow because it will help you cut your crease later on. If you’re using the Morphe 35O2 palette as well, watch out: the colors are very pigmented so use a very light hand!


Step 2: Mix the shades ”so warm” and ”brunette” and use a small, precise brush (I used the Zoeva 231) to darken up your crease. You should drag that towards the outer corner as well. Make sure you don’t blend these shades too much because it’s supposed to be more precise and sharp.


Step 3: Use some concealer and a very thin brush (I’d recommend an eyeliner or eyebrow brush) to cut your crease. This is probably the hardest part of the tutorial because you have to be very precise and your hands should not shake, so make sure you work very slowly. I recommend drawing a line first and then filling in the rest. Also, make sure you don’t start too high because you’re probably going to make mistakes and you’re going to have to go higher and higher to fix them and you don’ want your whole lid to just be covered with concealer, right? 😛 So start a little lower than you usually would and remember: You can always go higher, but once you’re too high there’s no going back!


Step 4: Do a winged eyeliner with the eyeliner of your choice. To give our eyes the cateye vibes we want you should also put some eyeliner on and around your inner corner. If you’re a beginner I’d recommend using an eyeliner that’s almost empty and drawing the outline of your wing first and then using a different eyeliner to fill in the rest. It makes it so much easier and it’s easier to fix your mistakes!


Step 5: Now on to the fun part: The glitter! Yay! I used the stila liquid glitter in the shade ”diamond dust”, but you can use any other glitter as well. The reason why you should do your eyeliner first is because if you mess it up you can fix it easily, but if you mess it up when your glitter is already on your lid it’s going to be a lot harder to fix! Just make sure you use a small brush and you’ll be fine! Try to just let it fade towards the outer corner of your eye. You can also put a tiny bit of glitter on your inner corner!


Step 6: Go back into the shades ”tan”, ”so warm” and ”brunette” and apply them on to your lower lash line. After that, add some coal liner on your lower and upper waterline to make your look even more intense.



Step 7: Apply some false lashes (I used the Ardell Wispies) and some mascara and you’re done!



Other ideas

I really like this look as you could wear it to prom or another fancy event, but also with a cat costume for Halloween or Karneval/Carnival. In that case I’d recommend using some black face paint and putting that on your nose, your upper lip and your cheeks (for the whiskers). If you can, you should also contour your face to complete this look! I think this eyeshadow would also look great if you went as Cleopatra! So there are lots of opportunities for you to wear this. If you guys ever want me to do a fullface makeup look, let me know!

I hope you guys liked this tutorial, if you have any questions or requests let me know!

Thanks so much for reading!

Love, Esther

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10 thoughts on “Cateye eyeshadow look – Morphe 35O2

  1. Ooooh Esther, this eye look is absolutely GORGEOUS!! It would totally work for a cat costume, and Cleopatra like you mentioned, as well. 😀 I can’t get over how epic this makeup look is! Best of luck on your exam, you’ll do great! ❤

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