My favorite drug store products!

Hey Guys!

In this post I’d like to show you my favorite drugstore products! I do have to admit over the past year I’ve been using drugstore products less and less, especially when it comes to Makeup, since I was able to earn more money and therefore spend it on more expensive products. However, there are some drugstore products that I just can’t seem (and don’t want to!) replace and they work perfectly for me! You can get all of these products at Target for example, or if you live in Germany, at dm. These products really showed me that sometimes the price does not equal quality and that there are many underrated drugstore products out there that work just as well, especially when you’re on a budget!

1. wet n wild foundation in the color ”nude ivory”


My friend Heli gave this to me because it didn’t match her skintone. When I opened it for the first time it smelled strange, almost like paint, so I was like ”hmmmm…is this really gonna work for me?” – Let me tell you, IT DID. Especially if you have extremely light skin like me, this is PERFECT for you. It’s also a very high coverage foundation (for a drugstore product), I was very impressed! I did switch to a waterbased foundation a few weeks ago because of my acne prone skin, but this still did a very good job!


2. Batiste dry shampoo ”cherry”

IMG_0922 - Kopie

Since I have very long hair I want to avoid washing it every day, so it stays healthy and doesn’t get too dry. But in order to still look good on the second day, I do need dry shampoo sometimes. I have tried multiple (drugstore) dry shampoos and they all didn’t work for me and I almost gave up, but then my little sister bought THIS. And what can I say…. I could go a third day without washing my hair with this product!


3. L’oréal Paris eyeshadow in the shade ”Amber Rose”

When it comes to eyeshadow I’m usually only using more expensive brands, because I just feel like they are more pigmented, they last longer, they don’t run out as quickly and they blend a lot better (this does not apply to all high-end brands though in my opinion! I’ve had some bad experiences as well.). I remember just looking for a rose gold shade and I saw this, swatched it and bought it since it wasn’t expensive at all. I didn’t expect a lot but guys, this is honestly one of my favorite shimmery shades! You should apply this with your finger though and it might look more like an orange/copper shade instead of rose gold.


4. Neutrogena cleansing water

IMG_0921 - Kopie

I started getting acne when I was 13 years old and unfortunately I’m still battling it even though I’m almost 20 *sigh*. I don’t really break out that much anymore but I do have a lot of blackheads, whiteheads and red acne scars/spots. This cleansing water has definitely helped me keep my skin (somewhat) clear and I do think the reason why I don’t really break out anymore is partly because of this product. The only bad thing about this is that once I stop using it for a while, my skin gets bad again. I don’t know it this applies to everyone though so you should definitely give it a try! Also, I tried so many products that never worked for me, so if I have to use this product for the rest of my life, I’m fine with it as long as it works! 😛


5. Trend it up contouring set


I’ve been looking for a nice, cool toned contouring shade for my pale face for ages and I FINALLY found something that actually looks like contouring, and not like I just rubbed orange dirt in my face! For those of you who also have very fair skin, you’re probably familiar with that issue. I got the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour set in the shade ”Light to Medium” and I thought (and prayed) that it would work for me (as it worked for my friend as well) but unfortunately it didn’t. It doesn’t look horrible but it’s still too orange for my skin. But then I found this product last week and I’M IN LOVE. FINALLY  a very cool toned contouring color! Personally I think there are way too many orange/warm toned products out there in the beauty world, I mean not everybody has a nice tan or sun-kissed skin, right??


6. Johnson’s baby powder


This probably isn’t something new to you since there’s a huge baby powder beauty trend going on at the moment. I just don’t understand why some people spend lots of money on expensive setting powders if this does the job just as good! Well, at least for me. Ever since I started using this my eyeshadow lasts a lot longer because I set my concealer on my eyes with this baby powder. An it helps you contour your face as well. Love it!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Would you like to see a ”my favorite high-end products” post as well? Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for reading!

Love, Esther



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