Galaxy eyeshadow look – Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette


Hey Everyone!

I recently bought the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette (as a Christmas present for my lovely sister, but I’ll use it anyway hehe) and since I usually only do either everyday makeup looks or warm tone looks, I wanted to try something different today and use colors that I usually wouldn’t even touch! That’s why I created this galaxy look – also, ’cause I’m kinda obsessed with that galaxy stuff!



If you need an inspiration for Halloween or – if you live in Cologne, Germany like me – for Karneval, or if you’re just a makeup lover like me who likes to try new looks and eyeshadow palettes, keep reading so you can find out how I did it!

Let’s get started!



Before I started: I simply did my eyebrows the way I always do, I used some concealer to cover up the little veins on my lid and then I used some baby powder to set my concealer.


Step 1: Take a fluffy blending brush of your choice (I used the Zoeva 228), use this light, turquoise color and do back-and-forth and windshield wiper motions to blend it out.



Step 2: After that, you want to take a flat brush (I used the Zoeva 232), use this purple shade and put it on the inner and outer corner of your eye. Unfortunately, this color is not as pigmented as I expected it to be, that’s why I had to spray some water on to my brush to make it look darker. There was also some fallout, as you can see, but I didn’t worry about it because I prefer getting rid of the fallout after I’m done with my entire look.



Step 3: Take a small crease brush (I used the Zoeva 231), use this beautiful blue shade and put it in the outer ”V” part of your crease and the outer corner of your eye. In order to try to create a nice gradient effect make sure you blend that out really well. If it looks like someone just punched you in the face, you’re doing the right thing. ๐Ÿ˜›


Step 4: Take the same crease brush you just used and use the black shade. Make sure you put this shade very close to your lash line and then you basically want to pretend to be doing a winged liner. The reason why I used eyeshadow for this is because I wanted a soft look and no harsh lines.


Step 5: Take a concealer of your choice (I used the Sephora Collection concealer in the shade Buttercream), put a little bit of it on your hand (that always helps me whenever I only want to use a tiny bit) and use a small brush (I used an ELF brush that’s actually an eyebrow brush, but it’s perfect for precise work like this) to put it in the middle of your lid. The reason why I didn’t do a cut crease is because I wanted to achieve a nice gradient effect, even with the glitter (see: Step 6).


Step 6: Use a liquid glitter eyeshadow of your choice (I used the Stila eyeshadow in the shade Diamond Dust) and put it on to the middle of your lid (on top of your concealer) and work yourself towards the outer and the inner corner of the eye. Make sure you don’t paint over your black eyeshadow-eyeliner.


Step 7: Take the crease brush you used before and go back into the purple eyeshadow and put it very close to your lower lash line. If you want this looks to be even more special put a tiny little bit of glitter right under your eye as well. After that you want to use the same concealer you used before and draw a sharp line right underneath that eyeshadow-eyeliner to create a sharp, and almost cat-eye look. If you messed up your eyeshadow-eyeliner, this will help you fix it as well.


Step 8: Coat your eyelashes with a little bit of mascara. To give the look a special and dramatic touch use some false lashes of your choice (I used the eylure No. 117 lashes).



Step 9:ย Clean up any fallout you might have had, and then you’re done!


finallook 2


I hope you guys liked my first look! I do not claim to be a makeup artist in any way, it’s just a hobby of mine. Nevertheless, I still hope I was able to help or inspire some of you guys! Let me know if you liked this post, if you have any questions or if there’s anything I can improve. I sure had a lot of fun!

Thanks so much and have a great day!

Love, Esther


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